Cargo and Vessel Inspections

When Danavis Marine carry out inspections of ships, barges, trains, etc we ensure that the condition of the carrier is suitable for the shipment of your cargo.  We identify any problems that might affect the cargo during shipment and ensure they are addressed before it is too late.  Our inspectors also represent you during loading and unloading. They also conduct inspections of various vessel conditions and do visual inspections to verify that the cargo being shipped is that described on the order form.

In addition to verifying that the condition of the carrier is appropriate, Danavis Marine offers complete cargo inspections before, during and after shipment. Reliable and independent weight, quantity and quality inspections ensure the contractual compliance of your shipments. Danavis Marine cargo inspections are conducted for producers, traders and blenders and accurately verify the weight and quantity of shipments at ports and inland trans-shipment points.

Whether you are buying or selling, the inspection certificate or report provided by an independent Danavis Marine inspector upon completion of the shipment inspection assures you an honest, accurate assessment of your commodity and the vessel.

Danavis Marine’s commercial cargo services include:

  • Cargo Tally Verification
  • Draft Surveys (Coming)
  • Sample Inspections and Sampling
  • Loss Prevention
  • Stockpile Inventory Measurement
  • Rust Evaluation

Danavis Marine’s commercial carrier inspection services include:

  • Loading Master / On – Off Hires
  • Hold and Hatch Inspections, Visual, chalk and Water Testing
  • Visual Inspections
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Conditional Surveys

Danavis Marine has earned a good reputation for accurate and ethical cargo and vessel services. Even if you cannot be at the load port or the discharge port to meet your cargo, you can trust Danavis Marine to honestly and fairly represent your interests.

For more information and commercial offers please contact:

Allan Skovlund Nielsen
Managing Director and Certified Cargo Surveyor

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