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News Update – September 1st

By 1st September 2016November 26th, 2020No Comments

In the coming weeks our partners will have free production capacity and we are very interested in offering our partners production facilities to clients in need of steel structures, piping of any kind or pressure vessels. If you have any project that you would like us to quote for then feel free to forward your specification to UAB Danavis.

Our partners have production facilities that offers:

  • Manufacturing of steel structures, metallic industrial piping and pressure vessels;
  • Up to between 300 and 700 tons’ production/month;
  • Excl. 2, Excl. 3 and Excl. 4.;
  • Galvanised, anti corrosive coatings or no treatment.

Our producers are certified according to:

  • ISO 9001;
  • EN 1090-2:2008+A1:2011;
  • EN 13480-4:2012, A1:2014;
  • EN 13445-4:2014;
  • Welding processes 135, 136 and 138;
  • We also have producers that can produce Stainless steel piping and mild steel piping using welding process 141.

We offer fast production time after order and final drawings received and delivery to building sites or shipyards anywhere in Europe.

Kind regards,
Allan Skovlund Nielsen
Managing Director
UAB Danavis
Klaipeda, Lithuania