Providing Partnership into the Future


To be a major supplier of maritime services by offering the best service available.

Through supplying state of the art maritime technologies, and consistently living up to our mission and values, Danavis Marine is able to achieve this goal of being the best maritime service and solution provider in the industry.


Our mission is to cover all aspects of service, project management, marine engineer projects, repair and maintenance within the maritime industry.

Together with our partners in the maritime industry, Danavis Marine is able to offer our customers in the maritime industry a 24/7 service with a wide range of specializations, including: marine engine repairs and overhauls, project management, and on-site consultations.
Key values for Danavis Marine are : 
  • We strive to secure and optimize our customers’ investments with lifelong support
  • We offer attractive prices to our customers.
  • Our customers should see us as their preferred supplier.
  • We strive to create an attractive, well-managed, and safe workplace for our employees.
Allan Skovlund
Managing Director and Owner
Danavis Marine