Adding value to our customers

”Based on many years of experience in the shipping industry, we are able to offer a variety of marine services to our clients, helping them find and implement the best solution to meet their needs in the most cost efficient way

Allan Skovlund Nielsen, CEO and Owner, Danavis Marine



Danavis Marine believes that the marine industry can operate in an environmentally efficient, safe, and cost effective manner. With the advent of new technologies comes the opportunity for ship owners to optimize their marine systems; we will help you choose and implement these technologies in a customized marine solution.

Danavis Marine provides technical management and environmental system optimization services to its shipping clients. Technology adoption is not going away, and with the many choices, technology selection is becoming more complex and potentially more expensive to operate. The systems engineering and marine operations professionals at Danavis Marine are focused on integrating and maintaining environmental solutions that maximize the value to our shipping clients.